Our AGM this year will take place on WEDNESDAY 22nd May at 7.30 p.m. (doors open at 7.00 p.m.)

Further details will be published in our April Newsletter.

Those who attended the 2018 AGM will remember the inconclusive discussion about changes to our constitution and the direction to the Management Committee to review it afresh, taking into account the proposals put forward in 2018 and the response to them at the meeting.

Clicking on the “Constitution” button above will lead you to a summary of that review, a mark-up of the changes now proposed, and a draft of the constitution as it would be if the changes were adopted.

If you have any comments on these new proposals, it would be helpful if you would submit them by the end of March to enable them to be taken into account by the Management Committee before they are formally published as part of the AGM agenda. Comments should be submitted by email to chairman@cpraonline.org

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Walk to Basingwerk Abbey and St Winefride’s Well

It was a three mile walk taking in the imposing ruins of Basingwerk Abbey together with access to various sites of interest along the route to St Winefride’s Well for which there was a 60p entry charge.

We were able to visit some of our industrial past, seeing the machinery left behind. Wire works, clothing mills, pot and pan factory had all been built and were in use along the pathway long ago where we walked.  We did not know how industial the aera had been.

The Well dates from 660AD and became an important place of pilgrimage over the centuries. It has been known as the Lourdes of Wales and there are legends and myths about St Winefride.  You could see the ancient graffiti on the walls.  We did not go into the water, it was rather cold and we did not take out bathing suits with us!

The weather was great for walking and we all enjoyed the day.

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Drug Detritus

A member has recently reported finding a syringe in Dingle Bank next to the footbridge. Drug users are known to use that and other locations within Curzon Park.  Should you come across a syringe or “sharp”, you are advised to leave it in situ and contact the council  There is an emergency telephone number for such occurrences, 0300 123 7035, for use at any time, 365 days p.a.

An on-line reporting formcan be found at  https://cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/residents/contact-us/report-it/report-it.aspx. (Click on ‘Litter and Litter Bins’), but this will only be picked up during office hours (Monday-Friday 8.a.m. to 5 p.m).

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Walking Groups

Here is a list of upcoming walks:

Weekend Walks

  • HOLT AND FARNDON BORDER CROSSING Saturday 6 April 2019 – led by John and Christine
  • GREAT BARROW Saturday 4 May 2019 – led by Janet

Mid-Week Walks

  • MAIDEN CASTLE Tuesday 19 March 2018 – led by Jenny Plunkett
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Chester Race Course Masterplan

As you may know Chester Race Course Company have recently launched a public consultation programme on their Masterplan.
You can see the details on the following website:
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CPRA in the Past


Ray Parry (R) with cousin (in cap) & friend, Earlsway, Curzon Park

This photograph was  taken outside 10 Earlsway in the 1920’s.  Ice cream was obviously as popular a treat then as now, but sold from a bicycle cart rather than from a chiming transit van. Two of the boys are wearing their school caps (which school?), and perhaps the old fashioned bicycle in the background may have belonged to one of them.

Curzon Park, then and now.  (Click here )….

Aerial view of Curzon Park in 1931. For more views of the area visit www.britainfromabove.org.uk

Do you have any old photographs of your house or area from a few years ago?  If you have please email Adrian or Dave:  photos@cpraonline.org.

We will collect the picture, scan it, and return it to you undamaged.  We will then take a photo to match the location, and put everything side by side on our CPRA web pages.   We hope you can help.  Click here….

Trams in Chester

The link above will take you to the Chester Chronicle site, where there is a fascinating 5 minute ‘video’ of Chester in the 1930’s, showing trams in the city centre, and also glimpses of the River Dee.

Tram in Chester St.Saltney

This 1930’s photo of a tram on Chester Street, Saltney is one of several images on the Chronicle website. It is possible that the gentleman with the bicycle is on his way to Morgan’s Cycle shop, which is still in existence, slightly higher up Chester Street