July Garden Trail and Walks Postponed

These CPRA events for July advertised in the last newsletter must now be postponed due to the continued national restrictions, and the new Cheshire specific rules.

Both will hopefully be re-arranged once we are clear what we can and cannot do.

We will update you as soon as the plans are clear!

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Annual General Meeting postponed

With the planned June 21 lockdown easing now being delayed until July 19, this has created an issue for the upcoming AGM (planned for June 24th) as the rule of 6 indoors and 30 people outdoors will still be in place.

This is not ideal as we would like as many residents as possible to attend and take part. We are working on a solution for this and will be in touch in the coming days.

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Can you help Peter locate any remaining Benchmarks around Curzon Park?

Peter has recently moved back into Curzon Park.  He lived here for 26 years and then moved to Scotland for 12 years.  

He is part of a group researching the work done by the Ordnance Survey from 200 years ago.  Peter would welcome your help on locating any remaining “benchmarks” around Curzon Park.  Peter isn’t that mobile these days so he would welcome help from residents who are mobile and like exploring!

These benchmarks were used by the Ordnance Survey to help create the maps we use today – and specifically to measure the height above sea level.

The Ordnance Survey came into being when Britain feared an invasion from France, and realised that they didn’t have accurate maps of their own country.

If you look at the map below from 1882 you will see in yellow around 50 “benchmarks” around Curzon Park.

Many of these benchmarks were built into walls.  Some may have been demolished or built over.

An example of a benchmark is shown below – this is from Howe Road.

So how can you help Peter?

Have a look outside your house and – if you are feeling adventurous see if you can find some other benchmarks (marked in yellow on the map).

If you find one Peter would love a picture and a brief description.  

He can be contacted at peterraikman@btinternet.com

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Scarecrow Pictures March 2021

Thank you so much for the scarecrows they make us all smile and brighten up springtime in Curzon Park.  Here are Bob, Delilah and Flo.

Bob’s overalls, hat and jolly face cheer us all up.

Delilah is a sign of the times in her fabric mask, patchwork shirt and daffodil hat.

Flo is giving a smile to passers by in her jaunty hat and scarf.

They are all doing well to withstand the March winds.

Look out for Delilah, Bob and Flo on your local walks and if you decide to make a scarecrow it isn’t too late. (We’ve heard that scarecrows do not respect deadlines!)

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I-Spy Spring in Curzon Park

Judging by the weather this last weekend in February it looks like Spring is not far away.  Curzon Park is already starting to bloom.

With that in mind we’ve created a little I-Spy poster with some of the animals and plants to be seen around Curzon Park at this time of year.

To download the poster click here:

I-Spy Poster

You should be able to to print the poster.  If you don’t have access to a printer but you’d like a copy please get in touch with Deanne.

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Have your say – CPRA Survey Feb 2021

If/when Lockdown restrictions are removed, what events would you like to see CPRA organise?

We’ve put together a short survey where you can share your views.


Click here to complete the survey

Please note – the survey closes on 15 February, so make sure you respond before then.

If you don’t have access to a computer, please contact Deanne Garratt on 01244 674347 to request a paper copy.

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