2015 Photo Project

Can you help with our CPRA photo project ?  Do you have any old photographs of your house or area from a few years ago?   We will collect the picture, scan it, and return it to you undamaged.  We will then take a photo to match the location, and put everything side by side on our CPRA web pages.   If you can help please contact Adrian or Dave:

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21 Chester St in Saltney, was home to the Parry family.  The date is unknown but the trams were still running…

21 High Street, Saltney Ray Parry's Grandparents home         2015 21 High St

2 and 4 Earlsway under construction  no roof yet, in the 1920s

1924 4 Earlsway unfinished     2015 A (17)

1980s Westfield, 23 Curzon Park North, now demolished for Westfield Close

1980s Westfield (1)     2015 A (1)

9 Earlsway, just after being built in 1925

9 Earlsway, Curzon Park, newly built circa 1925

Outside 10 Earlsway 1920s

Ray Parry (R) with cousin (in cap) & friend, Earlsway, Curzon Park     2015 A (11)

Junction of Mount Pleasant, Earlsway and Park Road West


Curzon Park North, March 1940

Alfred Simeon Dutton's Funeral. Beech Holme, 8 Curzon Park North, Chester March 1940

A.S. Dutton's Funeral. Beech Holme, 8 Curzon Park North, Chester March 1940

Derrick Dutton, Beech Holme, 8 Curzon Park North with old Gasometer in background. circa 1930  DSCF1231

Derrick & Ivy Dutton with Spot, Beech Holme, 8 Curzon Park North, Chester circa 1920  DSCF1222a

Dingle 1930s

In the Dingle about 1930, Mrs Parry (2nd from R), her sister, her mother & cousin, William Robson Newton (Died 12th June 1941 WW2 in plane crash)

Opposite 24 Park Road West in the 1980s

1988 Old Lamppost outside 45 PRW 40 and 42 opp printed 03 83     2015 A (2)

Chestnut Grange 9-11 Curzon Park South 1989

1989 9 to 11 CPS pic 2     2015

1989 9 to 11 CPS pic 1

1989 9 to 11 CPS pic 5

1989 9 to 11 CPS pic 6

1989 9 to 11 CPS pic 4

1989 9 to 11 CPS pic 3

1990 9 to 11 CPS Old Stables

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