Management Committee

Chairman Jim Shapton
Secretary Simon Parrington 
Treasurer Tom Arrowsmith
Membership Dave Plunkett
Member (Highways & Open Spaces) Jennifer Gill
(Co-opted) Newsletter Amanda White
Member (Racecourse issues) Maurice Terry
Member Victoria Letton
Member Roksana Fennell
Under 39 (& Social Events)  Jayne Rowe
Note:  See paragraph 5 of the CPRA Constitution re Constituency Areas.
Who’s Who ?  Click here for pictures of the Committee
Area 1  Area 2 Area 3
Curzon Park North Curzon Park South Selkirk Road
Dingle Bank Howe Road Earlsway
Curzon Close The Paddock Park Road West
Westfield Close Carrick Road Northway
The Serpentine Argyll Avenue Greensway
Rothesay Road Mount Pleasant