Social Working Group

Coming Together As a Community


How do we build and sustain a sense of community in a neighbourhood that has no village pump, pub or community hall?

Most of those who are long time residents will have their own local social networks and knowledge to support them, but those people are, perhaps, the ones who can contribute most to meeting the needs of others while potentially adding to their own contacts, interests and purpose.

We have a year-round programme of social events for all residents. See the Newsletter and the home page of this website for further details.

There are two walking groups: weekend and mid-week.  Walks are of varying degrees of difficulty as we try to accommodate the keen walker as well as those who can’t handle too big a challenge.  For further information and/or to register your interest in taking part, contact or

We also recognise that there is a steady influx of new residents to Curzon Park, a significant proportion of whom come from beyond Chester, and in many cases, from outside the UK. We hope that newcomers will make themselves known to us and give us the opportunity to welcome them. Contact: