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This working group aims to promote the CPRA and Curzon Park itself, both within the boundaries of Curzon Park and further afield. The creation and maintenance of this website, the production of CPRA newsletters and wider publicity, such as liaising with local media and businesses, will all be managed through this forum.

If you would like to help produce community briefings, submit articles or pictures for the newsletter / website or simply help promote Curzon Park, please contact

Space permitting, we allow half a page or so for notices submitted by residents relating to forthcoming events or other matters that would be of interest.   We will not confine it to happenings within the boundaries of CP, but would, for instance, include news of developments in Westminster Park.  It’s not intended for commercial advertising (excepting an occasional garage sale or the like), nor as space for other organisations to promote themselves on a regular basis.  If you would like to place a notice in a future newsletter, please email your suggestions to