Falling Leaves

 We have liaised with the Council, and ‘cleansing’ (i.e. road sweeping) in relation to leaves and they have promised a task force visit on Saturday 24th October, paying particular attention to footpaths. The Council also plans visits at subsequent weekends. Residents are invited to notify Andrea Segrave of areas of particular concern and she will pass the information on ahead of these operations.The Council have requested that Curzon Park residents who sweep the leaves outside their properties should leave the piles on the edge of the verge/roadside for collection, and avoid causing obstruction on either the road or the footway (which could be inherently dangerous to pedestrians). Residents should also be aware that the mechanical sweeper may be called away from Curzon Park at any time to attend such incidents as Road Traffic Accidents and spillage clean ups etc.

We discussed the possibility of using cones (in parking bays) on the highway in order to do a ‘thorough’ job uninhibited by parked cars, and we are advised that this may be possible and implemented.