Grass Verges

The visual appearance of our verges is an important factor in contributing to the appeal of our streets, for both residents and visitors. To maintain their standard of condition, the Association works on behalf of all residents with the highways and police authorities to encourage them to put resources into keeping them in good order.

Damage does however occur, and there are no long term fixes to prevent this happening. 

However, action can be taken by residents to help maintain their quality of our verges. These include:

1              Monitoring the state of the verge outside one’s own property.  If it is less than satisfactory then by all means carry out small repairs to the turf and cut the grass if you are not happy with the Council’s standard of care.  You have the support of the Council to do this, but please do remember that the verges are not ours to do what we like.  Also, if your neighbour is elderly or disabled, an offer of help would no doubt be appreciated.

2              Seek redress if a delivery vehicle has created a large rut in your verge.  Residents have successfully done this with a large national retailer and a national logistics company.  We would advise that you need to note the vehicle number, the contact details for the company, and the date and time of the incident.  A photograph would also be helpful but is not essential.