CWAC policy on repairs to highway

James Orme, Highways Superintendent, Cheshire West & Chester has advised us:

 In relation to the road surface, as an authority we have a duty to keep the highway safe, to this end we carry out regular inspections of all the highways within our district.  The highways in Curzon Park are inspected three times a year (roughly every four months) for a variety of defects, inspection criteria (generalising) is 25mm in the footways and crossing points and 50mm in the carriageways.  Defects meeting these criteria are usually repaired within twenty four hours as they are classified as dangerous.  Other minor works can be done but this work is restricted to two days worth as anything longer should be passed to the contractor as a job, however these other minor works will take a back seat to other twenty four hour defect repairs.  Any larger scale works need to be packaged and money found. 

Any future surfacing works in the conservation area would have to be sympathetic to the area.  Surface dressing (tar & chippings) is the most cost effective option but only on roads where the structure of the road is still good, this application can be done in such a way that it tapers towards the edge of the carriageway so the setts would still be obvious.

Carriageway inlays would be the only other option; this involves planning out of 50mm of surface then machine laying 50mm back.  This is expensive work and knowing the condition of the roads very unlikely.  In relation to the setts localised works can be done but this will require an element of carriageway patching to bring the road level with the setts however each location will need looking at as it may cause issues with water retention in the channel.