CPRA Meetings

The Annual General Meeting (held in May each year) and any special General Meeting called by the Management Committee are open to all members and to anyone else interested in the Association. Formal notice is given of those meetings both in newsletters, and by email to members who have registered to receive communications by that means.

 Attendance at Management Committee meetings and meetings of the Working Groups is normally confined to members of the relevant Committee or Group, except by invitation. All members are, however, encouraged to refer to those meetings any issue or proposal they would like to have considered, or any question they would like to have answered. Contact the CPRA Chairman – chairman@cpraonline.org.uk regarding any matter for consideration by the Management Committee or, as appropriate, the chair of the relevant Working Group (see Contacts  page)

The Management Committee, the Community and Social Working Group and the Highways and Open Spaces Working Group meet on a regular basis, usually once every 6-8 weeks. Other Working Groups meet on an ad hoc basis as required. Email chairman@cpraonline.org  for further details of all CPRA meetings.