Can you help Peter locate any remaining Benchmarks around Curzon Park?

Peter has recently moved back into Curzon Park.  He lived here for 26 years and then moved to Scotland for 12 years.  

He is part of a group researching the work done by the Ordnance Survey from 200 years ago.  Peter would welcome your help on locating any remaining “benchmarks” around Curzon Park.  Peter isn’t that mobile these days so he would welcome help from residents who are mobile and like exploring!

These benchmarks were used by the Ordnance Survey to help create the maps we use today – and specifically to measure the height above sea level.

The Ordnance Survey came into being when Britain feared an invasion from France, and realised that they didn’t have accurate maps of their own country.

If you look at the map below from 1882 you will see in yellow around 50 “benchmarks” around Curzon Park.

Many of these benchmarks were built into walls.  Some may have been demolished or built over.

An example of a benchmark is shown below – this is from Howe Road.

So how can you help Peter?

Have a look outside your house and – if you are feeling adventurous see if you can find some other benchmarks (marked in yellow on the map).

If you find one Peter would love a picture and a brief description.  

He can be contacted at

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