Buses for Curzon Park?

Some forty residents attended a meeting at the golf club on 2nd November to make clear their dissatisfaction with the lack of a bus route through Curzon Park following the withdrawal of the DB2.  The meeting was attended by Councillors Sullivan and Daniels, accompanied by Mr. Jones, the Council officer responsible for public transport provision.

It was pointed out to the Council representatives that following the bus service reorganisation in the spring of 2018, all areas other than Curzon Park previously served by the defunct DB2, had been provided with alternative services. The Council had apparently taken the view that demand within Curzon Park was insignificant, so had disregarded us. The size of the attendance at the meeting therefore came as something of a surprise.

After discussion three possibilities emerged:

  1. Rerouting some No. 16 services down Selkirk Road into Earlsway, then Curzon Park North;
  2. Re-routing the new 61 CWAC-subsidised service that serves Handbridge and Westminster Park;
  3. Utilising one of the Council-owned buses used for school runs to provide two weekday return journeys into the City between the hours of 9.30 a.m. and 3.00 p.m., when not otherwise needed.

A response was promised by Christmas. The only information fed back is that Stagecoach, who operate the 16 on a commercial basis, would not consider re-routing it. In spite of a recent reminder, we have, unfortunately, received no response regarding proposals 2 and 3. The Committee will continue to press in the hope that some provision can be allowed in the Council’s 2019/20 budget.

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