CPRA wouldn’t exist without the active participation of a cross-section of residents. Volunteering for a role is not an indefinite commitment so, inevitably, there’s a regular need for new participants to step forward.
Our newsletter editor, Amanda White, wishes to stand down after six years in the job, so we’re looking for a new editor to take Amanda’s place – if you’re interested in helping to sustain what has become an invaluable community asset, please contact chairman, Jim Shapton via or call him on  07780 516890 without obligation, to find out more.
It’s not a complex job, but it would be helpful if you have good writing skills and grammar/spelling – more important is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn if you’re not confident of your skills. Writing features is not an obligation; it’s primarily a matter of collating inputs from others. Amanda will be happy to provide guidance in the early stages It’s good fun working with the Management Committee and getting to hear about what’s going on in Curzon Park first-hand.
Alternatively, would you be willing to fill a vacancy on our Management Committee?  Membership of the MC involves no commitment other than to attend as many of its evening meetings (at 6-8 week intervals) as you are able. The important thing is that we have a variety of views from as good a spread of residents, both geographically and age-wise, as possible. Again, contact Jim Shapton as above if you are interested
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